A reading diary

Reader diary and processing requirements

A reader’s diary is submitted to the Commission for the purposes of passing the maturitní zkouška examination in English. The range of readings ranges from 20 to 40 books from English and world literature, as required by the teacher and school. Each school presents a list of recommended reading books to students and can therefore vary. Literature contained in the reader’s diary is often from several areas, ie prose, poetry and drama. The books listed in the reader’s diary are then submitted to the maturita exam, so their enrollment in the diary is very important.

Pupils’ diaries are taught at primary school, then at high school and presented at the maturitní zkouška. The rules for writing a book to the reader’s diary are similar. The literary work, including the author, will be written into the diary in the wider artistic context of the time, including the writing of the author’s other work. Furthermore, the content and plot of a literary work is described, where the artistic side of the book, stylistic elements, structure, motif, genre and main idea of ​​the work are also mentioned.

We will help you to prepare a reader’s diary for your school leaving exam and for your primary school

We will prepare the materials for the reader’s diary according to the list of works supplied by you in a uniform and comprehensible analysis so that you can prepare them for teaching literature at school or for the school-leaving examination. Individual entries of English and world literature will be content and formal to suit you, the requirements of the school or the teacher.