The dissertation belongs to the category of scientific projects and thanks to its processing and defense it is possible to obtain a Ph.D. or Th.D., which is named after the name.

PhD thesis and its importance

In order to obtain the so-called big doctorate, it is necessary to create a dissertation, pass a doctoral examination and defend the thesis successfully. After completing postgraduate studies, the student will receive a Doctor of Science (Ph.D.) degree, or Doctor of Theology (Th.D.).

postgraduate (doctoral) studies last for a total of 7 years, when exams and doctoral exams are required for the first 3 years. Subsequently, 4 years are available to complete the dissertation. The length of study corresponds to the difficulty of the dissertation, when it is necessary to orientate precisely in the field of study, to fully master the scientific methodology and terminology and at the same time to define, elaborate and evaluate a new unexplored problem, which the dissertation will bring.

Due to the scientific nature of the dissertation, an innovative approach to the problem is required, a transnational scope of research, where foreign publication activity is preferred at the current time and cooperation with other universities, including relevant internships and professional conferences. Continuous work results are presented at conferences by students, it is necessary to create articles in scientific journals and actively participate in seminars and discussions on the studied problem. The language of the dissertation is usually English, especially for topics with a foreign participation. Recommended range of work is 150 – 200 standard pages, without attachments. The dissertation is the lowest degree of professional monograph.

From a formal point of view, the dissertation uses special terminology. The author is referred to as the solver, the supervisor is the supervisor. The term “dissertation project” can also be seen, reflecting the complexity of the entire postgraduate study. The dissertation project includes all activities related to the dissertation, ie scientific articles, teaching materials created by the researcher, participation in grants, etc. In technical fields, the dissertation is often a program or application, while in the humanities the dissertation is preferred. a separate book publication.

We will help you with the preparation of the data for the dissertation

Given the nature of the dissertation, we will be happy to assist you in completing the materials, searching for new and up-to-date resources in the given issue, correcting the work and adjusting formal demands for work. It is necessary to specify the requirement and to provide detailed information on what exactly is needed. Given that these are narrowly specified works processed over a long period of time, the processor will fully cooperate with you and deal in detail with all the documents that will be delivered and you will use them in the dissertation.